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Result oriented custom web development approach and user-centric UX design that helps to your business to achive your goal yet conventient enough to leave a memorable experience for your users.

We build customized, professional and complete solutions for small to large businesses.

In a competitive business world, an eye-catching website is not enough. To springboard your business, you need a result-oriented, user-centric website with bleeding-edge features. At Cbrix, we offer custom web development services to help you achieve great success with your envisioned goals.

Whether you are an established business looking to rebrand your website or a business that is stepping into the market, our web designing and development service offers exceptional results for your business growth and stability.

To ensure the highest possible quality, we perform a thorough website analysis, responsive testing, and stress testing while maintaining uncompromising security standards. Invest in our solutions and benefit from efficient, long-term results.

Customer Centric eCommerce Solutions

We offer customer-centric eCommerce solutions that are tailor-made for your business requirements. Having worked in eCommerce industry for years, we are aware of the fact that every eCommerce business has different requirements. The platform you choose determines the fate of your business. Our eCommerce specialists identify your business's requirements, competition, and target audience, to carefully define the project scope. As a premier custom eCommerce development agency, we strive to identify and address technical friction for smooth business operations.

_ Online Store Development

As a top eCommerce development company, We have got you covered. We offer premium online store development services.

_ B2B & B2C Marketplaces

Custom eCommerce marketplace solutions that simplify your operational requirements and enhance your B2C and B2B operations.

_ Auction & Bidding Solutions

We offer custom auction & bidding solutions to broaden your target audience and augment your eCommerce marketplace.

_ Booking & Reservation Solutions

We offer custom end-to-end complete booking solutions for the travel and hotel industry tailored to your business requirements.

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Elements of Cbrix’s Web Designing and Development service.

Visual hierarchy.

Just by glancing at a website, a user should be capable of accessing the information they need and that’s how Cbrix defines the visual hierarchy. Determining the aesthetic aspects i.e., size, color, themes, designs, etc. of a website we help you develop the perfect visual hierarchy for your web platforms.


The personality given to a website is through the color(s) used in its design. That’s why determining the right color palette for Web Designing and Development completely depends on the type of colors a brand utilizes for its products as well as itself.


Site architecture, Menus, Search bars – all tools of the sort come under the category of website navigation. It helps the user to navigate from one place to another in a much more engaging and informative manner rather than just slipping through the pages. Cbrix website navigating model works on the principles of simplicity and accessibility.


How the website’s header, navigation menu, footer, content, and graphics are arranged is what we call the layout. There’s no hard and fast rule for designing the website layout because it completely depends upon;

  • The purpose of the website.
  • Designer’s choice.
  • Client demands.
  • Usability.


Logos, icons, and multimedia – all come under the graphics of a web design. Complementing the color palette, layout, and content of your brand, Cbrix graphic design for Web Designing and Development is the state of the art.


Making accessibility a priority, we ensure that all users from across the globe are able to use, view, and get benefit from your website equally. Website accessibility is very significant to consider because any inconsistency in its services can be avoided through this.


How long it takes for your website to load its content directly affects a user’s first impression of a brand. If it takes too long, a customer would lose interest and won’t stick around for long. However, if your website is instantly responsive, it would help to engage the customers as well. This is among the key factors of Cbrix’s Web Designing and Development service.

Benefits of Cbrix’s Web Designing and Development Services.

The need for the presence of a digital platform for a business cannot be neglected in modern times. Whether you are a start-up or an established company, having web platforms is essential to make your mark in the industry. Having a simple, result-oriented User Interface design for your website is the need of the hour because customers want to put the minimum effort into finding their desired product and service. So, as a business, you have to cater to the individual demands of your clients and that’s only possible through Cbrix’s Custom Web Design and Development services.

Integrated user interface.

Providing a strongly integrated user interface for your customers is significantly essential for a business in modern times. Nowadays, customers look for accessibility because of the various options available in the market. So, in order to make a customer buy your products or services through your web platform, it must be presented in a very simple yet interesting manner.

More than aesthetics.

We believe that your website design and development shouldn’t only stop at making it aesthetically pleasing for the customers. In order to offer exceptional functionality for business growth, you must offer an interactive platform for the customers as well as be easily accessible and comprehensive to use. It’s the only way you’ll be able to get multiple benefits of Web Designing and Development for your business.

Multi featured websites.

Modern website designing inculcates the presence of a diverse range of online features that not only make the user interface much easier and more friendly but also comprehensible by the brand in business terms. Cbrix’s whole idea of website designing and development revolves around this concept. Our custom web development services ensure such web platforms for your business that are rewarding in terms of sales as well as remain appealing for the customers.

Distinctive brand identity.

Our expert web designers and developers work together to finalize a website for your business that is authentic in all of its forms. Therefore, helping you to develop a distinctive brand identity for your business not only in the market but also among the customers. The websites developed and designed by us are guaranteed to complement your business in all spaces.

Grow your online reach.

Our Web Designing and Development are tailored to your specific needs to offer better ROI for your business. We help you attract the right audience to your business and grow your online reach with web intelligent techniques. Therefore, helping you market your products not only in local markets but also internationally – all with the help of your website.

Interactive platform.

Nowadays, when customers go on the website of a particular company, they want it to be interactive. In other words, your website should be able to communicate all the information about your brand to the customers quite effectively. Therefore, the more trust you develop for your customers with an interactive web platform, the more will be the business.

Working together.

At Cbrix, Web Designing and Development is considered mutual work between the professionals and the client. We encourage regular meetings for our clients and developers/designers to help them better communicate and understand the requirements of a website. What you are looking for in a website as a business owner and what the developers can do to help you with that.

Original designs.

All of our custom web development and design services are trendy yet remain authentic in their design. Regardless of the type of business you are running, we would help you develop a website for your brand that is one-of-a-kind. So that brand identity and authenticity can be ensured.

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