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For a business in this digital era, having Digital Marketing and Advertisement platforms are essential to ensure survival in the market. Considering the competitive environment, your business growth can only be made possible through consistent online visibility. Therefore, attracting more customers to your brand. This is something in which CBRIX specialise.

One-stop Digital Marketing and Advertisement Solution for all your needs.

With targeted advertising campaigns for your product endorsement; tailored marketing services for your brand and intelligent digital branding techniques – CBRIX offers a one-stop Digital Marketing and Advertisement solution for your needs.

Regardless of the business you are running, having a reliable and modernized Digital Marketing and Advertisement plan is essential. Not only it can help you expand your niche market reach for your targeted consumer but also aids in maintaining a robust relationship with your clients. Ultimately, enhancing your brand recognition as well as customer loyalty.

With CBRIX ‘s Digital Marketing and Advertisement services, you can easily target interested customers irrespective of time and location differences!

Tell your brand story with us and develop a distinctive market reputation.

You can increase your business's sales volume while building a robust digital foundation with CBRIX’s value-driven Digital Marketing and Advertisement services. Our advertising solutions are merely designed to be goal-oriented, thus, tailored to your business requirements.

Keeping the primary focus to help businesses increase their client retention rate and maximise conversion opportunities, CBRIX is the only missing element you need to take your business to its peak.

Let us tell your brand story with the help of our intelligently designed yet creative marketing campaigns and develop a unique market reputation for your brand!

_ Creative Advertising

To engage the intended audience and make people look for the second time, get your brand popular with our creative advertising.

_ Online Directory Management

Keeping your digital platforms and their marketing professional, up-to-date, and functioning – our online directory management service is ensured to deliver results.

_ PPC and Display Advertising

If you need Pay Per Click (PPC) and Display advertising services, let us get you the most affordable and qualitative solutions!

_ Influencer marketing

Get in touch with the top influencers and market your products to a majority of customers in no time with us!

_ Social Media Mangement

For effective and fruitful social media management and advertising services, our marketers devise the best solution for you.

_ Reputation Management

Keeping your digital reputation consistent as a brand and influencing customers with efficient branding techniques, we ensure failproof reputation management for your business.

_ Web Design / Graphic Design

Considering your brand aesthetics, our web and graphic designers develop such strategies for your brand endorsement that complement your business.

_ Research and Consulting

Completely understanding the market and consumer trends as well as offering expert consultation for your Digital Marketing and Advertisement needs, we help your business grow instantly.

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Benefits of CBRIX Digital Marketing and Advertisement services.

Solutions for all.

If you are a start-up business you might be fully aware of the importance that digital marketing holds for your business to grow. In fact, even for established businesses, the need for digital marketing services cannot be neglected. As it is essential to;

  • Keep the customers interested.
  • Help your brand to evolve.
  • Increase brand value and recognition.
  • Maximize sales.

Therefore, for you to fully take benefit of digital marketing, the professional help of CBRIX individually designed advertising campaigns is advised. With our years of experience and the teamwork of skilled professionals in the industry, we ensure the best digital marketing services for your brand.

Data-driven strategies.

For a business to thrive rightfully and exponentially, opting for data-driven marketing strategies is essential.

  • Understanding your business demands.
  • Getting to know your customers’ interests.
  • Comprehending the requirements of the market you are in.
  • Product research and advertising.

Everything of the sort comes into consideration. Understanding that data-driven strategies are essential for a brand’s success, for which, we completely analyze your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, also known as ‘SWOT’. So, in order to curate up-to-date metrics and develop actionable insights for your Digital Marketing and Advertisement.

Hence, helps you to maximize your brand awareness among the customers and drive more traffic to it.

Expert professionals.

CBRIX reserves the honor of having a team of in-house industry professionals in the Digital Marketing and Advertisement field. With their years of experience and deep insight into the field, we help your business keep track of the latest trends and innovations coming in to ensure all of your marketing campaigns meet search engine guidelines. Thus, offering a diverse range of solutions for your branding needs.

Personalized advertising Framework.

Possessing a 360-degree online marketing approach, CBRIX’s Digital Marketing and Advertisement service works by the process of;

  1. Reviewing your ongoing marketing strategies.
  2. Evaluate the extent of your digital presence.
  3. Setting key performance indicators (KPIs).
  4. Identifying the brand personality.
  5. Integrating customer experience for all phases of strategy-building.

Therefore, creating such a structured marketing framework that is individually customized to better optimize all your digital touchpoints.

Constant monitoring and campaign evaluation.

Want to keep track of the working capability of your Digital Marketing and Advertisement campaigns? Say no more, CBRIX offers exclusive monitoring and evaluation services for you.

Using Google Analytics for constant campaign monitoring and evaluation, our expert marketers devise your online marketing tactics in order to improve your approach to the targeted audience.

Tailored for your individual needs.

Understanding the different marketing demands of every business, CBRIX offers digital marketing services that are individually tailored to your needs. Keeping in view the product category you are dealing with, your consumer market as well as the demand for your products – we help you run the most beneficial digital marketing campaigns for a high ROI.

Market competitive rates.

The distinctive thing about CBRIX’s Digital Marketing and Advertisement is that our services are designed keeping in view the industry demands, online needs as well as financial capacity of every individual business.
Our expertise lies in helping you acquire the online attention you need to grow your business without breaking the bank, offering a huge Return on Investment (ROI) for you.

A solution that is for once and all.

Our digital marketing service is very diverse. Whether you need content writing services, want to run targeted paid advertising campaigns, require professional designing, or search engine optimization is your region of interest – we offer complete solutions for all.

CBRIX’s digital marketing service caters to all such needs of yours in one go. Therefore, ensuring maximum brand recognition for your business and guaranteeing sales.

Elements of CBRIX’s Digital Marketing and Advertisement strategy.

Content marketing.

In order to educate your targeted customers about the problems your product can help them resolve or the benefits it offers, you can get the help of content marketing.

Regularly publishing a cadence of qualitative, informative, and product-relevant content online will help you to establish thought leadership for your brand and offers value to your audience. Thus, maximizing sales.

Mobile marketing.

Adverting through mobile apps, text messages or anything that can be seen/viewed on mobile phones comes under the category of mobile marketing.

It is significantly essential to understand the role mobile marketing plays in the success of business nowadays because mobile phones connect more than 7 billion people across the globe. Therefore, you can evaluate its significance for your Digital Marketing and Advertisement needs.

Paid search.

Paid searches work by the process of only showing your ads to the interested customers i.e., users who are actively searching for specific keywords.

Paid searches are not only a cost-effective marketing approach but also increase search engine visibility.

Usually, two types of paid searches are opted for by the businesses;

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC); you only pay for the service when someone actually clicks on your ad.
  2. Cost Per Mille (CPM); you only pay on the basis of the number of impressions.

Reputation marketing.

Reputation marketing is solely focused on gathering as well as promoting positive customer online reviews and then using them for advertising purposes. With an online reputation marketing strategy, you can encourage customers to leave positive site reviews on specific platforms made for writing reviews. Hence, influencing the customers’ purchase decisions.

An additional benefit that these review sites offer allowing brands to place their ads on competitor profiles as well.

Search engine optimization.

Focusing on improving organic online traffic to your website, CBRIX’s SEO services encompass all of the technical and creative tactics to improve your brand rankings and increase its awareness in search engines, especially among Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Our content writers and SEO specialist work on devising keywords, crosslinks, backlinks, and original content that ensures a strong ranking.

Social media marketing.

In today’s era, social media is the most consumed entertainment as well as a business medium. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and even YouTube have become the new digital marketing mediums to interact with potential customers.

With unique social media marketing campaigns, our advertisement professionals maximize your business interaction with the customers.

Web analytics.

In order to track online user activity, web analytics offers an efficient medium because it gives companies insights into online customer behavior, their preferences, likes, dislikes, and their buying trends as well.


Virtual events offering a channel for companies to interact with their customers across the globe in real-time, webinars remain an effective way of Digital Marketing and Advertisement. Webinars have the benefit of giving your company an opportunity to demonstrate deep subject matter expertise to your customers with great efficiency.

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