Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of helping an online business or a digital platform rank its sites and products among the top search engines effectively. With higher rankings come higher traffic and therefore an increased number of sales. Our Search Engine Optimization services are tailored to the individual needs of businesses of every category. Understanding the market trends and your customer behaviour/interests, we offer completely personalized SEO solutions to guarantee top rankings for you!

Bring organic traffic to your site, and build trustworthy customer relations.

CBRIX’s Search Engine Optimization is backed by the top professionals and marketing experts in the industry. Our SEO specialists are proficiently skilled in providing your business with organic online traffic that not only generates more leads but also increases your brand recognition. We know what role marketing of your products plays for the success of your business in modern times, especially on digital platforms. Therefore, with our state-of-the-art SEO services you get offered;

  • Technical help to target specialised areas of SEO, for instance, off-page, local, and technical Search Engine Optimization.
  • Professional supervision and monitoring for your outsource ongoing SEO tasks, for instance, keyword research, link building, content creation, etc.
  • Strategic solutions to evaluate your rankings, track ROIs (Return on Investment), optimize brand image, etc.

All in all, helping your business develop a credible relationship with the clients by offering the most convenient, affordable, and qualitative Search Engine Optimization solutions.

Digitally grow your business by partnering with industry-preferred CBRIX’s Search Engine Optimization services.

In the era of Social Media dependency and Digital Communication, you necessarily need to have Search Engine Optimization services to ensure your business growth. The only way to survive in a competitive market is to grow your brand visibility and recognition among customers. And what’s the best way to do that? Getting professional help from CBRIX for your SEO optimization requirements. Ultimately helping you not only to achieve better search engine rankings for your website(s) but also generate more traffic to it and help your business grow digitally.

Researches show that nearly 3.5 billion searches are made every day by people on a platform like Google alone! Therefore, with so many more options available you can expect the numbers to be exponentially higher. However, here’s when partnering with an SEO provider is your wild card entry to the market. Backed by a full-fledged team of SEO experts and digital marketers, we can help your business attain its heights.

Whether your goal is driving traffic, maximising sales, generating leads, or increasing brand awareness – CBRIX’s Search Engine Optimization has got you covered at all times!

_ Organic Reach

By bringing authentic customers to your sites, we ensure an organic website reach for your business.

_ Targeted Audience

With our market-specific SEO techniques, you can target your potential customers in no time!

_ High Ranking

Understating specific business demands and market trends, our Search Engine Optimization service guarantees a high ranking for your business.

_ Quality Traffic

Authentic and quality online traffic gets offered for your business by CBRIX through our SEO services.

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Benefits of CBRIX Search Engine Optimization services.

Years of experience.

With our years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization, CBRIX has helped many businesses of all industries in growing their online presence and driving more revenue. We have the honor of saying that through our sufficient industry knowledge and reliable experience, we have the capacity to support any type of business for its SEO demands. Let it be increasing online traffic, growing their leads, maximising recognition, or whatever. Our team collaborates with your brand in the right approach to streamline your business growth.


Search Engine Optimization has never been stagnant and neither did CBRIX! We are always innovating our SEO strategies as per the ever-changing Google algorithm updates and other factors affecting rankings. That’s why, with us, your business is always on top of the latest news and trends.

Keeping ourselves up to date with modern market requirements and shifting consumer interests, CBRIX is always devising ways to remain ahead of the curve. Therefore, qualifying as an SEO company that is proactive and not reactive.

Dedicated SEO experts.

CBRIX works by the process of making intensely technical, complicated, and even overwhelming search engine optimization procedures simplistic for its clients. Providing each of our clients with a specific single point of contact to manage their project, a direct communication channel is offered to better know your business and understand individual needs.

Enhance credibility.

A website that is ranking high on search engines is usually considered more credible in terms of both its quality and relevance. Ultimately, increasing the customer’s trust in your business and maximizing sales. CBRIX’s unique SEO services are devised to help you with all that; increasing your site speed with researching keywords. Therefore, to help your business site rank first in all of the popular search engines.

Improve PPC campaigns.

Paid marketing strategies or ‘PPC’ work in combination with SEO to help your site appear at the top of paid search results. The benefit that PPC and SEO give together is that both results appear at the top of the search engine results. Therefore, boosting your brand’s credibility by keeping your website at first rankings always.

Credible results and trustworthy relationships.

Relationships and Results are what we build our ties on with the clients. Specializing in businesses of every category from start-ups to established businesses and national franchises, our SEO experts help you achieve exponential growth in your respective markets. We not only own the voice of our clients but also work hard every day to prove it!

Drive more traffic to your website.

Our Search Engine Optimization helps drive more traffic to your website. Through the use of an appropriate number of related keywords, you can hook your websites to the top ranks of a variety of trustworthy search engines. So that the next time a customer asks for your service, he/she is given a link to your website directly. All in all, making the user experience much more friendly and accessible.


Integrity is what we live by at CBRIX. Using white hat Search Engine Optimization techniques for driving more results and traffic to your site instead of spamming/gaming the systems; we offer the honest provision of services. Neither do we break the SEO rules nor do we jeopardize your business’s SEO needs in any way.

Transparent policies.

Among the major reasons why CBRIX is an industry preference for Search Engine Optimization services is the transparency of business policies we offer for our clients. Additionally, our exclusively designed in-depth reporting of the SEO projects includes;

  • 24/7 access to the online client portal.
  • Google Analytics reports that give a complete and comprehensive review of your SEO performance.
  • Regularly updated keyword rankings.
  • Monthly breakdown of the SEO tasks we execute for your websites as well as a video summary encompassing all the SEO
  • improvements and strategies opted for.

A complete SEO solution for all your needs.

CBRIX offers a complete range of SEO solutions for your business needs. Whether you need help in devising a keyword strategy, off-page/on-page SEO services, directory submission, or link-building service – we offer it all.
With effective SEO tools and techniques fused with creative content writing, we can help your business reach the top in no time!

Elements of CBRIX’s Search Engine Optimization services.

Rank your products and business website higher in the search engines using our exceptional SEO services. Understanding the industry demands better, we know what your customers are searching for. Therefore, with CBRIX’s professional Search Engine Optimization service, your digital platforms are to be ranked first digitally. So that your customers can directly reach you.
Our key elements for an effective SEO service are;


Our SEO strategy for your business starts by understanding your business needs, demands, and your expectations of the results. Therefore, in this phase, we not only conduct an initial site review but also identify your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), determine the conversion path as well as perform comprehensive keyword research. Therefore, allowing us to get in-depth knowledge of your company's working methodologies and market reputation and then devise SEO strategies that complement your business goals.


Analyzing all the factors affecting your digital presence we evaluate;

  • Competitive benchmarking.
  • In-depth site audit.
  • Site analytics review.
  • Link risk assessment.
  • Historical traffic patterns.
  • On-site technical issues.
  • Competitors' backlink strategies and their link-building tactics.

Therefore, utilizing analytics results to formulate a failproof Search Engine Optimization approach for your business needs.


After identifying the key elements of marketing gaps and opportunities, our SEO experts curate a Strategic Online Marketing Plan, also known as ‘SOMP’. It includes the client’s;

  1. Campaign goals.
  2. Expected outcomes.
  3. Approximate completion time.

Hence, delivering immediate yet targeted results.


Executing SOMP, CBRIX optimizes your web pages and blog posts in a way that they remain integrated with high-performing keywords and works on improving the site structure as well.


The moment you get CBRIX’s Search Engine Optimization services for your business, we implement a tracking system helping us to monitor your online progress and evaluate the feedback of SEO campaigns. Looking at your;

  • Organic traffic.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Conversion rate.
  • Local visibility.
  • Click-through rates (CTRs).

Our SEO experts are devising ways for actionable insights and enhancing optimization strategies.


With regular reports regarding your website’s Search Engine Optimization performance, we keep you up-to-date with your campaign progress and any changes taking place for its betterment.
Offering a direct communication channel between the client and professionals working for SEO, we present a comprehensive report of your site performance.


CBRIX is continuously adjusting its SEO strategies with the latest algorithm updates as well as market behaviour. Since search engine dynamics are continuously evolving, so are we.

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