Server Management

Being a third-party IT service Provider, CBRIX designs, installs, configures, and maintains servers for your business demands. Therefore, not only ensures optimal functionality of your digital platforms but also fail-proof security for your business’s online presence. With the collaborative work of our expert IT professionals and server hosting partners we guarantee such a Server Administration for your digital platforms that are strategically designed keeping in view the individual business demands and ongoing market trends.

Wide range of solutions for your Server Administration needs.

In the modern era, the online presence of a business is essential for visible growth in its sales. Since consumers, as well as market trends, are shifting online, ensuring an instant and responsive digital platform is necessary for your clients. That is only possible when opting for adept Server Administration services.

CBRIX’s Server Administration services are curated for businesses of every category. Regardless of the market and consumer type you are dealing with, we can help you build a strong and reliable online visibility through our range of technical solutions. All in all, making data handling much easier for your business.

Constantly striving for innovation with the newer technologies coming in, a major reason why CBRIX stands out in its Server Administration services is that our working methodologies are state of the art. We help you get instant results!

Quality Server Administration services from an industry-preferred provider.

CBRIX has the honor of helping many established businesses, individual entrepreneurs as well as start-ups, to keep their servers working right on track 24/7. With our in-house team of expert IT professionals and years of industry knowledge – we have just the right amount of expertise needed for your business’ Server Administration demands. We offer top-notch services for;

  • Outsourcing hosting support.
  • Server management and Security.
  • Rectification.
  • Datacenter management.
  • Proactive monitoring.
  • Cloud infrastructure management.
  • Server optimization.

All of our Server Administration services are individually designed and then tailored to fit the needs of every client. Our working methodology works on the principle of designing a Server Administration structure from scratch. Therefore, guaranteeing the best-performing, mail chain system, database security, cloud storage, sound web maintenance, and server quality!

Equipped with the latest security tools and technologies, our Server Administration services ensure that your server systems remain intact and safe from any sort of hacking/data-breaching attempts. Get ready to get fully-fledged server security with our remote-based teams. Our virtual customer support system is available 24/7 to help you get fully-fledged server security and management services from our remote-based teams!

_ Reduced Cost

Increased uptime, strategic solutions, and research-based working methodologies are what help up offer affordable Server Administration services.

_ Peace of Mind

With CBRIX, peace of mind is ensured when it comes to Server Administration services. Looked after by the professionals, our IT experts devise failproof working systems for your needs,

_ Increased Uptime

Tackling inefficiencies on spot and monitoring the servers 24/7, our proficient workers guarantee an increased uptime for your business.

_ Experienced Server Experts

Capable of handling any simplistic to complex Server Administration problems, CBRIX’s server experts are trained to offer reliable solutions in any challenging environment.

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Benefits of CBRIX’s Server Administration Services.

Proactive Monitoring.

With a proactive approach, our servers are monitored 24/7 for any sort of possible inefficiencies, errors, or downtimes. Helping to strive for services that are up throughout, our IT professionals make sure that any sort of server problems are tackled on the spot.


Saving your data to cloud systems and offering instant recovery options, all of our servers are backed up completely. Therefore, ensuring that your data is safely stored with us even when your entire data center is down.
Our server administration service is well-managed by backup, making sure that the scripts copy the backup to remote servers correctly. Therefore, in case of accidental deletes, files can easily be restored and accessed at all times.

Optimize Server.

Optimizing your web servers, database servers, mail servers and other types of Server Administration services opted for, we guarantee a seamless flow for your business demands.

Server Management.

Any issues you face in your servers’ working or require custom Server Administration solutions for your business demands, our server management team is here to help.

Secure Server.

Offering 100% security and threat protection against DOS, DDOS, MALWARE, and many other types of server vulnerabilities, CBRIX servers are the most secure and credible in their work.

Our servers are 24/7 monitored by our experts for any sort of inconsistency in working and security breaches. Furthermore, we offer regular security updates to keep our servers updated with modern cybersecurity tools.

Server Setup.

Whether you need a cloud server, a virtual server, or a dedicated server for your business, we design and develop it from scratch to complement all of your demands.

CBRIX also offers custom sever setups for businesses depending upon their needs such as a load balancer arrangement, proxy services, DNS or database cluster, etc. Therefore, for such a setup, our server engineers ensure that not only do all of your servers remain in sync but also a streamlined running of the system can be made possible in such complex server arrangements.

Responsive support service.

Handling your help desk, our responsive customer support offers a live chat system, for its clients. Therefore, providing a direct communication channel between the professionals and clients for better understanding.

Certified admins.

Having a team of expert server admins, certified for their respective jobs – CBRIX not only visualizes a flawless server maintenance program for you but also actually strategically executes it in the most professional manner.

Regular Server update.

To keep up with the newer technologies’ integration and ever-changing market trends, we offer regular server updates to keep you in the game!

Instant human response.

Among the major benefits of using our server administration service is that you get a real-time human response to alerts. While modern automated server monitoring services can detect and recheck problems on their own, they cannot fix them. That’s where our instant human response helps us to deploy quick and efficient problem-solving techniques right away.

Elements of CBRIX’s Server Administration Services

Software and Operating System Updates/Installation.

We help you with your server software and operating system by;

  • Keeping servers tuned up at all times with regular updates.
  • Protecting servers from any sort of potential viruses and spam threats by integrating them with appropriate security software.
  • Offering convenient and easy workability with hosting servers.
  • Regularly tuning the servers in order to fulfill the business’s changing demands.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance.

  • Our proactive server monitoring doesn’t let us keep our fingers from the servers for even a second! Our professionals are always working to detect any deviation from the norm and offer instant solutions for it.
  • Our servers are monitored and refreshed 24x7 and 365 days a year at five-minute intervals.
  • When a particular problem is not resolved within 10 minutes, the server is bound to alert the owner by sending a specific message for it.
  • Not only maintenance and troubleshooting of your server system is our duty but also CBRIX implements a failproof security system for your Server Administration needs.
  • Specialized security audits can also be done by our professionals but only upon the customer’s request.

Analysis, Evaluation, and Optimization.

  • Optimizing the servers for their maximum performance and peak productivity, we are always working to get the server working at their highest capabilities.
  • Evaluating server strengths as well as weaknesses and constantly analyzing their performance, CBRIX offers stress testing services as well.
  • With our consultation services, clients are offered a direct channel to communicate their demands and expectations to the professionals for a wide range of subjects related to servers' performance and working capability. Hence, striving for client satisfaction.
  • Analyzing the changing market trends and optimizing the server to fit the needs of innovative technology integration, our servers offer state-of-the-art benefits.

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CBRIX’s server administration services not only assist you in ensuring that the servers fulfill their responsibilities as effectively as possible but also, offer 24/7 monitoring of the server clients. Therefore, any problem detected would be resolved immediately to ensure a seamless business flow. Contact CBRIX today to get full-fledged solutions regarding your Server Administration from our experts. We help you get more hold of your online presence, therefore maximizing customer interaction.